About us

We at Stepping Stones have long been dedicated not just to the care of your children, but also to the wellbeing of our staff, you as parents and carers and the wider community too. We are a Fairtrade organisation, are committed to paying a living wage and are proud be run by a dedicated committee of volunteers.

The aim of Saint Andrew’s Stepping Stones is the advancement of the emotional, social & spiritual growth of all children under four. The committee is made up of parents and members of St Andrew’s Church, Histon and so another expression of ‘Stepping Stones’ is to provide steps to explore faith in Jesus for those who wish to. We aim to welcome all people, with the hospitality that Jesus showed, within the Saint Andrew’s Centre and beyond. Do talk with us if this is something you are interested in or if there is anything we can help with or pray for you. Tim Blake (Co-chair and Children’s Minister) is based on site at the top of the stairs.

We are a part of Saint Andrew’s Church, Histon and are based at the Saint Andrew’s Centre on School Hill, in the centre of the village.

Please click on the link to see a copy of our constitution the file will open as a pdf:

Playgroup Constitution 2013